Euro Food Technology provides wide variety of food supplements for many existing and future partners around the world. From more than 10 years we serve companies and entrepreneurs, sell food supplements, sport nutritions, proteins, vitamins as well as raw & packaging materials.


Next to standard offers we can provide you unique products as well as outstanding packaging solutions which come directly from our factory and from our team which is located in Hungary.

Private Label Service

Private Label Service

Euro Food Technology can provide you full private label service in a field of food supplement products. We can offer you ready made, standard, high quality vitamins, sport nutritions, proteins, herbal products and other daily preventive supplement products. Most probably the easiest way for you to use our currently existing patents and serve your customers as soon as possible with those products which already have proven success and many positive feedback from different markets. But if you have a market where special products are also welcome, we are your partner to develop products tailored to customer needs. Our experts and professionals have the knowledge to create and produce your own product.

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Labelling & Packaging Service

In some case you dont need more but labelling products which we also can do for you. In such a case you can choose from our standard labels or we can provide own design: we create, develop and print your artwork.

We provide you with a range of packaging options such as PET bottle, HDPE, paper box, bulk, blister and sachet etc.

We have all the facilities and equipment need for tableting, manufacturing of drink powders, blistering, blending, mixing, capsule printing, filling, labelling, shrink foiling, laser engraving (LOT number, expire date) etc.

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Labelling & Packaging Service
Capsule-filling service

Capsule-filling service

Euro Food Technology is proud to offer high speed encapsulation service to our customers.We have various options for encapsulation.

If you have a pre-manufactured formula, we are equipped to manage this with our capsule filling service. This service is available for either formulas that we have manufactured, or formulas that have been manufactured externally to us.

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Protein Manufacturing

We are an experienced private label producer for protein powders: whey proteins, vegan proteins, protein isolates etc.. We offer developing new recipes or you can choose from our wide selection of flavors. Your proteins will be manufactured with only the best raw materials available and with premium quality. Our protein manufacturing service includes product research and development, formulation, quality testing, packaging and fulfillment.

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Protein Manufacturing
Product Development

Product Development

We are your partner to develop products tailored to customer needs. Our experts and professionals have the knowledge to create and produce your own product. We can produce your individual brand in our factory from scratch using unique formula based on your request. This allows you to have your own product family packed with your own design.

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The essence of lyophilization (freeze-drying): A time- and energy-intensive premium preservation method in which the food is dried by evaporating the ice-frozen water from the product under vacuum with gentle heating, sublimating, as a result of which:- sugars do not caramelize- fresh aromas are retained- the active substances remain without decomposition- It also protects the taste and contents of the product for a long time- It can also be used in capsules and beverage powders by grinding.

The process can be divided into three parts:
1. Freezing - in this case most of the moisture content freezes
2. Main drying (sublimation) - sublimation drying under vacuum, during which the transfer of material and heat takes place. Water molecules sublimate from the ice crystal (solid phase) to the gas phase.
3. Post-drying (desorption): removal of residual water by raising the temperature.

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Protein Manufacturing
Private Label Service

Tablet manufacturing service

Euro Food Technology is proud to offer high-speed tablet manufacturing services to our customers. We provide a range of options for tablet production, ensuring flexibility and quality.

If you have a pre-manufactured formula, we are fully equipped to handle it with our tablet manufacturing service. This service is available for both formulas that we have produced in-house and those manufactured externally. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team ensure that your tablets meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

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Liquid manufacturing service

Euro Food Technology is proud to offer comprehensive liquid manufacturing services to our customers. Our advanced facilities and expert team are capable of producing a wide variety of liquid supplements to meet your specific needs.

Whether you have a pre-manufactured formula or need assistance with formulation, our liquid manufacturing service is designed to handle it efficiently. We can manage formulas that we have developed in-house as well as those created externally. With our commitment to quality and precision, we ensure that your liquid supplements are produced to the highest standards.

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