Our company

Our company provides a wide variety of food supplements, sport nutritions and proteins, vitamins, herbal products and other daily preventive supplements products. Even more we can offer you raw materials and packaging materials in urgent need.

Main profile of Euro Food Technology

Our real advantage in the market is the full private label service of dietary supplement production.

We are professional in searching and fulfil customers’ needs on a most cost effective way. We can produce your individual brand in our factory from scratch using unique formula based on your request. This allows you to have your own product family packed with your own design.

Our products

We work on two main approaches: We offer wide range of self-developed products at competitive prices under your private label and develop innovative products tailored to customer needs in order to stand out from competitors.

We hold numerous patents, can provide you existing, standard, high quality products and package them according to your request in different forms such as solid products, hard and softgel capsules and powder products.

We can also offer you customized products: we produce your formula or our expert team help you to develop a product according to your ideas.

About us


  • Standard label: we provide a choice from among our standard labels.

  • Own design: we print your artwork.



We provide you with a range of packaging options such as PET bottle, HDPE, paper box, bulk, blister and sachet etc.

We have all the facilities and equipment need for tableting, manufacturing of drink powders, blistering, blending, mixing, capsule printing, filling, labelling, shrink foiling, laser engraving (LOT number, expire date) etc.

About us Quality


We believe that manufacturing high quality products require high quality ingredients, therefore our team is continuously searching for the best available suppliers and machinery packaging.

We are engaged to provide high quality products to our customers, in order to achieve this, the safety requirements, quality controlling and monitoring are very important to all of our employees.


Our factory is located in Hungary, near the capital Budapest. From this central location of Europe we take the advantage to work on a most cost effective way.

How we work

How we work

We work with experts and professionals who have in depth knowledge in the field of food supplements, manufacturing and regulations. You dream your product, or enough if you have an idea and together with our experience we can create your own product, your own brand. We help you or we develop for you not only the product itself but also the brand including packaging & label design. We have our own sourcing of raw & packaging materials and we continuously improve our activity for better service.

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